Vivid Homeopathy is an amalgamation of passion, honesty, and knowledge to practice, promote and disseminate evidence-based Homeopathy.

At Vivid Homeopathy our aim is to practice evidence based, scientific, effective, integrative and holistic homeopathy. We provide state of the art, scientific, evidence-based homeopathic consultation (both in-person as well as online homeopathic consultation).

Our approach has created a difference, which is evident from the cured responded cases with Homeopathy without any side effects.

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Homeopathy is Natural and Safe

Mode of Treatment


Homeopathy is a therapeutic science of symptom similarity based on natural laws and doctrines.



The medicines are prepared from natural sources following a process called potentization.



Ample research and cumulative clinical efficacy consistently for more than 200 years proves homeopathy to be scientific and effective.



Homeopathy is practiced in more than 80 countries, is recognized as an individual system of medicine in 42 countries, and is recognized as a part of CAM in 28 countries.

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Public Health and Homeopathy Awareness Series

VH is the first venture to start the Public Health and Homeopathy Awareness series of articles and video.

PHHA aims to simplify the understanding of homeopathy from public point of view yet keeping the scientific information intact. Learn more…

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