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About Vivid Homeopathy

Vivid Homeopathy is an amalgamation of passion, science and dedicated towards Homeopathy

“At VH our aim is to practice evidence based, scientific, effective, integrative and holistic homeopathy. We provide state of the art, scientific, evidence-based homeopathic consultation (both in-person as well as online homeopathic consultation). Our approach has created a difference, which is evident from the cured/responded cases with Homeopathy without any side effects.”

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What Homeopathy Has to Offer

At Vivid Homeopathy we have been successful in treating various diseases and syndromes with homeopathy. The extent of cure depends upon the nature and staging of disease. Therefore, homeopathy believes in studying the inherent nature of an individual to achieve relief, cure or palliation alongwith holistic management.

Diseases like recurrent diseases, tendencies for a particular disease, acute diseases respond well to homeopathy at par with other systems of medicine. Whereas, in chronic, incurable diseases the aim of treatment is to provide the relief, improve the quality of life and enhance the longevity of the patient.

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  • Palliation

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