Is Homeopathy Slow to Act?

Although an amazingly simple, yet the most asked question to a homeopath – “Is Homeopathy slow to Act?” This question is of interest to everyone alike be it a practitioner, patient, or preacher of homeopathy.

While most of us have the valid answers but the description and explanation differ widely. We try to answer depending upon our understanding of the science and experience of the artistic part.

Some decades back when Homeopathy started rising in popularity in India, as usual it faced criticism, but surprisingly it became a popular mode of medicine in India and adopted it the public healthcare system along with mainstream other complimentary system. The rising popularity, clinical efficacy, and slowness are not at all proportional.

There must be some pros and strengths this system has which makes it unique and holistic.

Slowness can be comparative rather than realistic in this case. Obviously, the quick results may not be lightning fast (as expected in other systems) but yes results follow the physiology and pathophysiology of the human body.

And since majority of the time we deal chronic case the quick methods may be deceptive or palliative only rather than curative. Whatever has developed over the years cannot be uprooted in days! Yes that’s the truth behind the action of medicines in dis-eased conditions. You name any chronic ailment and you will find the long term medications (e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Hypothyroidism etc.). So, this slowness is a wrong comparison with the quick and short-term actions of medicines.

In Homeopathy, the aim is not only to provide the symptomatic quick relief, but to understand the patient as a whole and taking care of the reoccurrences and reducing the relapses of the condition.

This video was made some two years ago just to cater this exceedingly small yet important aspect. We need simple answers to questions before jumping on the major aspects of Homeopathy.

We would appreciate your comments and expertise in this. Please feel free to share your thoughts.