Telemedicine and Online Homeopathy Consultation

Starting from the very first quarter of year 2020 the global healthcare situation has become tense. The global spread of various infectious disease such as Covid19, environmental stress, lockdowns and restricted movements has made the situation worst ever. The direct loss is being borne by the needy patients who can’t consult their treating physicians despite having best of the resources and approach. There is a dire need to connect the patients with doctors. Various agencies of different countries are exploring the possiblities of guiding the patients to consult their treating physician online. The various modes such as Telephonic consultation, Tele Consultation, Video Consultation, Text Consultation, etc., together constitute the concept of Teleconsultation. Many doctors around the world are now using the telemedicine to interact with their patients and help them reviving to best of their health. This is becoming an easy approach with the patients who are non-critical, and those who need regular medications with minimum visits to their treating physicians.

We at Vivid Homeopathy provide scientific, evidence based and personalized online homeopathy consultation and teleconsultation. Our patient oriented approach has created a difference in lives of many patients. We belive in providing one-one consultation using latest technloogy. We use major VoIP modes (such as Skype / Whatsapp / Telegram / Viber), and email to interact with our patients during online homeopathy consultation.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the online homeopathy consultation (homeopathy telemedicine) is not to replace the classical in-person consultation. The visit to a doctor remains the best mode of treatment ever. Our purpose is to help the needy patients who can’t visit their doctor due to various reasons whatsoever. Once the patient is relieved, gets time or needed else, we direct our patients to visit their nearest registered physician / healthcare practitioner for the examination, diagnosis and further opinion, if required. This post at no point in time replace or endorse any medico-legal consultation.