Is Homeopathy Slow to Act?

Watch this short 01 min video for making general public aware of this small yet powerful aspect of Homeopathy with a Logic.

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Published in Public Interest by Dr Saurav Arora, MD and Dr Bharti Arora, MD, founder Vivid Homeoapthy

Vivid Homeopathy
The Vivid Homeopathy is founded and run by internationally acclaimed, pioneer homeopaths Dr Saurav Arora, MD (Hom.) and Dr Bharti Arora, MD (Hom.) from New Delhi, India. Vivid Homeopathy provides state of the art, scientific, evidence-based homeopathic consultation at their clinics as well as Online Homeopathic Consultation. Our approach has created a difference, which is evident from the cured/responded cases with Homeopathy without any side effects. We serve patients from India, United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, UAE, and various other parts of the world.

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